MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Technology License Center


High-Performing Chemical Reactions

In addition to our petrochemical technology licensing, we have also developed a number of superior catalysts that are also available for licensing. Besides licensing the technology, we also sell a number
of different catalysts directly. Mitsubishi Chemical proprietary catalysts are used in facilities around the world, and are designed to provide high achievement and cost efficiency. All the catalysts detailed below have proven industrial use records.

For C2 Derivatives Product

Oxidation Catalyst for Ethylene Oxide Production

Ethylene can be oxidized to Ethylene oxide effectivily via heterogenous Ag-supported catalyst which is commercially well proven for the petrochemical industry.

For C3 Derivatives Product

Oxidation Catalyst for Acrylic Acid Production

Propylene can be oxidized to Acrylic Acid by mixed metal oxide catalyst. The gas phase oxidation reaction shows higher conversion with excellent selectivity to the product.

For Aromatics Derivatives Product

Catalyst for Bis-phenol A (BPA) Production

Phenol and Acetone can be converted to Bis-phenol A via MCC original ion exchange resin-based catalyst.The reaction perfomance is greater than conventional ion exchange resin.

Oxidation Catalyst for Styrene Monomer Production

Ethylbenzene can be dehydrogenated to Styrene monomer over conventional catalyst in industry.
In this reaction, hydrogen is the only by-product. Produced hydrogen can be oxidized by Mitsubishi noble oxidation catalyst.
The catalyst contributes to the industrial Styrene monomer production.

Titanum-based Polymerzation Catalyst for Polyester Production

High performance Ti-based catalyst developed by MCC is available for sales.
The catalyst can be applied to polyester production, especially for PET bottle application.

For Polyolefin

Metallocene Catalyst for Ethylene Polymerization

High performance metallocene catalyst developed by Japan Polyethylene Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical, can be applied to value-added LLDPE, plastomer, and elastomer productions in solution process or high-pressure process.

Metallocene Catalysts for Propylene Polymerization

These metallocene catalysts developed by Japan Polypropylene Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical, are used for high quality PP materials like clean and pure random copolymer and transparent R-TPO with good heat resistance. Optional technology licenses related to these catalysts are also available to the clients.

Ziegler-Natta Catalysts for Propylene Polymerization

Special catalysts developed by MCC provide attractive opportunity for clients to produce highly profitable products suitable for automotive application on gas phase polymerization facilities, in particular, UNIPOL and HORIZONE pdf.