MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Technology License Center


Cutting Edge Petrochemical Solutions

For more than a half century, Mitsubishi Chemical has been partnering with companies around
the world to help maximize their profits while minimizing risks through the use of our advanced technologies, high performing catalysts, and fully integrated services.

World-wide Renowned Chemicals Manufacturer

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation takes its position as an industry leader very seriously. We know how important it is to develop, evolve, and adapt to compete in a global market.

Our global reputation as one of the world’s top chemical companies means our customers can rest assured they are getting technologies that are proven, reliable, and successful. We license a portfolio of our proprietary technologies developed independently by Mitsubishi Chemical, as well as a broad range of high performing catalysts.

With more than 50 years of experience, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has gained the trust of companies the world over.

World-wide Renowed Chemicals Manufactuer

Technology Available Directly from Mitsubishi Chemical

When it comes to technology provision, the client will have the full strength of Mitsubishi Chemical behind it. The same technology we create and use in our own facilities, we license and provide to customers around the world.

  • This includes:
  • • Developing and licensing proprietary technologies and catalysts
  • • Assisting with process design and process simulation technology
  • • Providing ongoing customized services to meet individual needs

By establishing our research and development centers side by side with our business offices, we are better able to industrialize the technologies cultivated in our fundamental research laboratories. Mitsubishi Chemical carries out the process design and/or catalyst design according to the client's requirements; and thus providing an optimal Technology Proposal.

With our main research and development center located in Yokohama, Japan, and research and development centers with pilot facilities in Yokkaichi, Mizushima, and Kurosaki, Mitsubishi Chemical is in constant motion to provide customers with breakthrough technologies.

Although licensing straight from Mitsubishi Chemical is the case most often, Mitsubishi Chemical may also license technology through one of our business partners when it makes sense to do so.

Technology Available Directly From Mitsubishi Chemical

Global Network, Global Support

Mitsubishi Chemical has a long history not only as a petrochemical products manufacturer, but also as a licenser for petrochemical technologies.

With licensing records in countries throughout Asia (i.e. Japan, India, China, South Korea, Indonesia), South Africa, and Europe, we have an established worldwide reputation for quality, performance, and service. We know that technology licensing is not just about providing technology – it is also about operational know-how and expertise gained through experience. So each licensee receives assistance through training, supervisor dispatch, long-term support, and more. Prepared with various options, our support system can be tailored to individual client needs.

Mitsubishi Chemical Licensing Record
Mitsubishi Chemical Licensing Record

Corporate Profile

Company name:
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Head office:
1-1 Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8251, Japan
April 1, 2017
Paid-in capital:
53,229 million yen
Scope of business:
Industrial materials, Performance products etc.
Otake, Kurosaki, Nagahama, Yokkaichi, Toyama, Hiratsuka,Toyohashi, Mizushima, Tsukuba, Sakaide, Kashima, Azai, Santo
Branch offices:
Osaka, Chubu, Kyushu, Hokkaido
R&TD centers:
Yokohama, Otake, Kurosaki, Nagahama, Tsurumi, Yokkaichi, Toyohashi
41,591* (as of March 31, 2016)
*total of three chemical companies
(as of April 1, 2017)