MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Technology License Center


Fully Integrated Service and Support

At Mitsubishi Chemical, we believe in maximizing return on your investment. That means going beyond simply licensing technology and catalysts. It means providing ongoing support and fully integrated services from top to bottom to ensure the long-term success of your operation.

Our service and support takes the form of three phases:

  • 1 Preliminary Feasibility Study
  • 2 Design, Training, and Commissioning
  • 3 Optimization

1. Preliminary Feasibility Study

This phase is the planning phase. First, we’ll do our homework – we’ll research your business, your market information, related technologies, and best practices for your industry. Next, we’ll begin a dialogue with your company in order to customize a solution to fit your individual needs. During this phase, we will also provide expert technical presentations if required, and offer site tours to our plants.

2. Design, Training, and Commissioning

Once licensing negotiations have been finalized, Mitsubishi Chemical provides the following:

After the business negotiation for technology licensing is finalized, Mitsubishi Chemical prepares the following documents or performs the services for the licensee.

  1. 1. Document preparation
    1. ・Process Design Package (PDP)
    2. ・Operation Manual: We prepare a Practical Operation manual based on our accumulated knowledge through our own operations experience.
    3. ・Analytical Manual: We also prepare an Analytical Manual for laboratory analysis.
  2. 2. Co-work with Client and Client’s Contractor
    1. ・We can support the execution of safety studies such as HAZOP & SIL, and Optimization Study
  3. 3. Check and Review Service
    1. ・We can provide a Check and Review Service of contractor and vender documents. Upon client’s request, we can execute licenser’s inspection service for critical equipment, or Check and Review of client’s plant in each stage of plant construction.
  4. 4. Training Service
    1. ・We offer customized site training service in our own operation plant and/or client on-site.
  5. 5. Start-up Support
    1. ・For commissioning, we can also provide expert supervisory staffs on-site during client’s start-up. On demand, we even give support service during pre-commissioning stage.

3. Optimization

After you are operating to mutual satisfaction, we will perform follow-up services for the commissioned plants in the following ways -

  1. 1. Operation and Maintenance Support Service
  2. 2. Plant Capacity Expansion (revamping) and Optimization Service
  3. 3. Product Analysis or Consultation / Trouble-Shooting

We are also available for long-term support contracts for technologies. In addition, for a specific brand of Mitsubishi Chemical catalyst, we have a long-term catalyst supply contract available, and the client can receive the upgrade service on a priority basis.