MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL Technology License Center


Petroleum Powered, Performance Driven

The technology licensing platform Mitsubishi Chemical offers deliver numerous advantages. First, we offer a broad range of technologies which we can customize to your individual requirements, resulting in higher performance and streamlined operating costs to you. Additionally, our commitment to continuous technology advancement gives you a competitive advantage that is so critical in today’s world.

We offer a broad range of technologies in the fields of C2 Derivatives, C3 Derivatives, C4 Derivatives, and Aromatics Derivatives:

C2 Derivatives

Ethylene Glycolpdf

Dominant Ethylene Glycol production process developed by Mitsubishi Chemical is combined with Shell’s Ethylene Oxide process. It is licensed through Shell Global Solutions.


Newly developed On-purpose 1-Hexene production process through trimerization of Ethylene.


Ethanol and water are separated by the sharp selectivity of the Zeolite Membrane "ZEBREXTM", to produce 99.5% purity ethanol and recycle water in a single pass.

C3 Derivatives


n-Butanol, i-Butanol, & 2-Ethylehexanol production processes.

Acrylic Acid & Acrylatespdf

Acrylic Acid, Glacial Acrylic Acid (for SAP application), Methyl/Ethyl/Butyl/2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate production processes.


Dominant Technology for Propylene production (DTP Process). Feedstock is methanol; and additionally C4+ olefin also can be applied as feedstock.


Licensed by Japan Polypropylene Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical, this highly functional HORIZONE PROCESS is to develop new PP product areas.

C4 Derivatives

Maleic Anhydridepdf

Fluidized Bed Reactor process featured with stable operation and competitive CAPEX.

γ-Butyrolactone(GBL) & N-Methylpyrrolidone(NMP)pdf

Value adding technology to C4 Chain.

1,4-Butanediol (1,4-BDO)

Butanediol production from Butadiene. A Co-production process of Tetrahydrofuran (THF) with flexible production ratio of BDO and THF.

1,4 Butanediol and Tetrahydrofuran (1,4-BDO)pdf

1,4 Butanediol to Tetrahydrofuran (1,4-BDO)pdf

PolyTetraMethylene Ether Glycol (PTMEG)pdf

PTMEG production process featured with superior quality for all PTMEG applications.

On-Purpose Butadienepdf

Brand-new oxidative dehydrogenation technology utilizing n-butenes with excellent features such as High yield, Long catalyst life, Less waste water.

Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)pdf

Continuous polymerization process to produce a high quality PBT resin from 1,4-BDO & Terephthalic Acid.

Aromatics Derivatives

Bis-Phenol A (BPA)pdf

High performance Bis-phenol A production process. Feedstocks are Phenol and Acetone.

Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)pdf

Superior PTA production technology applied to around 20 PTA plants.

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)pdf

This three-step reactions process is optimized at its most efficient conditions. Its excellent features are High yield, OPEX advantages and Stable operation.